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FIENFH Magazine
FW  Edition
 Vol 10  September 2020

Fashion? Chic? Modern? No. We admire Unique. We believe that everybody is unique, whatever his/her thoughts, actions, manners.

We respect, we inspire. Then we build beliefs.

Photographer: Rodrigo Alvarenga @alvagraph

Model: Jacob Martinez @jacobsethofficial

Model Agency: Iconic Model Mgmt

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VOUS Magazine
The May Man Edition | Vol.2
May 2022

VOUS is a fashion & art photography magazine based in Madrid., which tries to discover deeper into the fashion, modern, style, and art for giving readers who are living in the cumbersome environment of rapid update iterations a completely new and distinctive visual inspiration.

Photographer: Rodrigo Alvarenga @alvagraph

Model: Kawasi Weston @kawasiofficial

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